Al-Kindi Co. for Pharmaceutical and Laboratory Equipment Cosmetics Ltd. It is a registered and Licensed Manufacturer by the Iraqi Government to manufacture pharmaceutical Drug products for patients and for medical institutions Specialized in the field of medical care. The Factory was established in 1995. It complies the GMP Requirements. In 1999 the license to produce tablets and syrups items was granted by the ministry of Health.
A new Building was established in 2015 which enabled us to add Permeation for new production line: Ointment and cream production. We are currently looking for new dosage form lines such as penicillin and cephalosporin. And we are open to any new investment suggestions.

As a result of our hard work, we produced 108 items under 3 main categories: tablets, Syrups and Semi-solid Items.
•       Tablets are the main category we have around 67 types.
•       The second Category is Syrups we have 30 types of it.
•       The rest of the items are Semi-solid Items.
And there are more items to come in the future.

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